These instructions are directed to riders as guide lines only. The official rules can be found here.


The riding outfit is free but must be suitable for riding and have a tidy appearance. It includes a shirt/jacket or a vest, riding shoes or boots, gloves and a helmet.

The use of a whip and spurs is allowed in all classes.


If the horse and its rider are wearing competition attire the mount must have either boots or bandages to ensure that the test hasn't been filmed at a competition.


The test must be filmed from point C unless the class information states differently.

The person filming the test should stand as far back from C point that the horse and rider can be shown entirely on the video screen even when passing the judge end of the arena.

Start filming the test before the horse and rider enter the arena or turn to center line and stop filming after they have left the arena in the manner that is specified in the test.

Be careful when zooming in, so that it doesn't complicate perceiving the arena dimensions.

The video must have a sound and the horse and its rider may not receive any help from anyone during the test.

If in the class information has been stated that a reader is allowed then it is permitted to use one.

The arena must be clear of any extra objects or structures.


Videos should be primarily uploaded to the riders own YouTube account as unlisted videos, sending a link to it when filling the entry form.

For your video header / title add rider's full name, horse's name and the test you are riding.

The video quality should be as good as possible, so that the judging can be carried out with good standards. Any test videos that the organizer deems to be of unsuitable or too poor quality can be rejected.


Entries for the monthly classes start on the first week of the month and end on the day specified in the class invitation. After this time it may still be possible to take late-entries with a higher participation fee.

Videos for the monthly classes must be sent to us no later than the dates specified in the class invitations state. Videos received after this time may be rejected.


The judges strive to evaluate each month's tests as soon as possible, but generally within a one or two weeks of time.

If possible, results are to be published every month's first week.

Riders get an electronic score sheet of their test via email after their ridden test has been judged.

Members get an audio feedback of the judges comments regarding their test.

Videos of the placing riders are published on the website and riders whom are to be awarded ribbons or prizes according to the placing regulations will be contacted for the delivery of these.