Dressage OnSite - Champion 2017

Riders who have acquired a 65% or higher result from Dressage OnSite monthly classes (level I-VI) during 2017 are qualified to participate in the Championship class.

After attaining the required result the rider may film their championship test at any given time. All entries must be delivered no later than 31.10.2017.
All championship entries will be judged during November 2017, after which results will be published. Riders will be placed according to their percentage amongst all of the championship class levels.

A rider may not enter any level below the one they have attained the championship qualification result from, i.e. if a rider has 67% result from a level II class they may not participate the championship class at level I.

The entry fee for the championship class is 25,00 / horse&rider, and it must be paid before 01.11.2017.

2017 Dressage OnSite Champion
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